Black Dog on the Big Island

Diane Nahl

Black Dog is a rescue found running on the Hwy. in Mountain View, Hawaii. She was so thin. She eats huge amounts even now. Lucky dog, Gail takes good care of her! She looks great in her yellow Poochie Mama Hawaii collar.

Gemma's gorgeous new PMH gear

Diane Nahl

Debbie T.  loves Gemma's new Poochie Mama Hawaii matching collar and leash!  "Wow! Just checked out the website, it's wonderful!!! As you can tell by the picture I posted yesterday my dog loves water so your collars would be perfect. I bet I can spread the word and easily get friends interested in your products."               

Twiggy loves her new collar!

Twiggy is a miniature Australian Shepherd living in Southern California. Her former collar broke. Her family has strong ties to Hawaii and came to Poochie Mama Hawaii for a beautiful new flower lei collar!

Bodhi gets a new leash and collar for Christmas!

Joanne Holmberg

Tags double handle leash, heeling leash, wrist saver leash

Seriously, I don't just like them, I love them. The leash is fabulous! I have looked all over for leashes and settled on a thin, leather one that is rough on my hands. This Easy Grab handle is fantastic! Great for training, heeling, or control.  The collars are adorable. I love the vibrant colors and bone and paw buttons.       

New Collar for Akamai!

Joanne Holmberg

Akamai is a young Weimaraner-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who really needed a new collar. She's a very active dog who loves playing in her backyard.   Her new red Poochie mama collar is waterproof, dirt proof and stink proof! Akamai looks beautiful in her clean glossy red collar with black plastic side release hardware. Her old woven nylon collar was a real mess impregnated with hair, sweat and dirt.