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Hi, I'm Poochie Mama Hawaii (aka Joanne) with my 16 month old Goldendoodle, Hana Lei, at her photo shoot. Thanks for stopping by.
I live in Hawaii with my husband Steve and my pooch Hana. She was the inspiration for my business called Poochie Mama Hawaii, where I create waterproof, stink proof and dirt proof collars and leashes.

Hana is a mud magnet and loves anything that is wet, smelly or dirty. I tried hard to keep this adorable blonde Goldendoodle puppy in pretty pink collars and leashes, but honestly, it was impossible. At first I would wash and scrub those cute little collars, hanging them in the laundry room to dry. I thought it was kinda cute (you guessed it, I'm an empty nester of 3 grown children).  


One evening as I was scrubbing a collar with a toothbrush, attempting to remove the dirt from the woven fibers, my husband laughed and said "honey, even though the kids are grown, you're still such a mama". I laughed back and said, "yes, but now you can call me Poochie Mama". The nickname stuck but the novelty of scrubbing Hana's collars wore off shortly thereafter. I was in need of a new plan. I'm a problem-solver at heart so I got right to work on solutions.

After numerous internet searches I was able to locate waterproof collars. Even though they seemed to be designed for hunting dogs, I was desperate so I thought I'd give it a try and buy one. I found that the color choice was limited and the collar itself was bulky and heavy. It also did not fall into my idea of attractive. Needless to say, it didn't work out. However, the waterproof material had me intrigued. I felt a new plan coming together. I'll just make her a waterproof collar myself.

I tested several types of strapping and hardware. Eventually, I located the material and the hardware used in horse tack such as bridles, reigns and leads made of genuine BioThane®. I knew these materials would have strength and durability and decided to repurpose them as dog gear. After some trial and error and learning how to manage this super strong material, I learned how to make collars and leashes that are low maintenance, hygienic, washable, easy to clean, waterproof, dirt and stink proof. The best part is that they are suitable for all dogs, small to large, energetic to couch potatoes. At first my designs were pretty ordinary, but I began to innovate and add elements to both the collars and leashes that would make them extra safe, multifunctional and stylish. I like to think that PMH Collars and Leashes have curb and park appeal.

My goal is to make a great collar and leash for your fur babies and mine that wears better than leather! I believe that the Poochie Mama Hawaii collection offers just that. If you think I've missed something or have an idea to share, please feel free to email me at poochiemamahawaii@gmail.com.  I welcome your input and feedback. Thanks and Aloha, Poochie Mama Hawaii

Pooped pooch Hana Lei after her photoshoot. 
Logo photography by Oahu Pet Photographer Deb McGuire




I am happy to introduce you to Diane Nahl, my friend of 20 years who I’ve shared dreams with of owning my own business, and my business partner the Chief Web Mama.

Diane recently retired from her full time career giving us an opportunity to hang out, talk and share fun times with Hana, walking her, training her, teaching her, and washing those darn dirty collars! Diane Nahl, Chief Web Mama developing the PMH website.

While I was developing my ideas for PMH, we would sit together each with an iPad researching options, materials, hardware, images, etc. We decided to create an online business, taking advantage of the technical Web skills gained through her long career. 

We loved the idea of creating a maker space (formerly the garage, formerly the man cave) we could thoroughly enjoy and be productive in with my inspiration Hana Lei at our feet, literally! That way we can take those important stress relieving doggie breaks. For us every day is take your dog to work day!

Because Diane and I are simpatico partners with complimentary skill sets who share the same vision for PMH, one year later here we are! We love to learn new things and together we have fearlessly acquired many new abilities in this process. Most importantly we share a deep love for dogs and for creating extraordinary dog gear that withstands the test of time and the elements, and that truly makes their people happy.




Photograph by Keri Nakahashi Photography




Meet our intrepid Poochie Mama Hawaii Product Tester Debbie Staudacher

Debbie and her two adventure dogs Sundog and Barney often go out into the Arizona wilderness in all kinds of weather and terrain. Debbie tests all of our collars and leashes with these two darling pooches and writes detailed feedback that helps us continuously refine the product to address real needs of adventure dogs and their people. Debbie also appreciates the dressy versions with decorations, and especially the adjustable options.


Mahalo Nui Loa! (Thank you very much)

How do I even begin to thank you, my husband, family, friends, neighbors, pet photographer Deb McGuire, and play date buds for supporting me through the development of Poochie Mama Hawaii? You have tested materials, collars, leashes, handles, buckles, measuring techniques and much more. I immensely appreciate your participation, enthusiasm and input! You were all so patient and extremely kind to let me share "way too much info" about such exciting topics as rivets, screws and buckles! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hanging in there with me while I designed and created the Poochie Mama Hawaii line of waterproof, stink and dirt proof collars and leashes.

About Our Products

Fabulous Waterproof Collars and Leashes by Poochie Mama Hawaii

  • BioThane® Waterproof & Washable Coated Webbing
  • Vivid Colors
  • Everyday & Special Day
  • All Weather and Fade-Resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Sleek Side Release Buckle
  • Decorative Bling Available
  • Glossy or Matte Finish
  • Matching Leashes Available

Everyday waterproof, dirt proof, stink proof, colorful dog collars for all pooches. Poochie Mama Hawaii Collars are all weather, washable, and will never fray. With intense color, the Glossy Finish is sleek, shiny and resilient to scratches and wear.

These modern collars feature a strong D-Ring near the quick side release buckle. This provides maximum strength for hooking a dog to a lead, leash or stake out, and for dog tags.

With Much Aloha, Joanne